Swimming against the current, an asset for triathletes

A combination of swimming, cycling and running, the triathlon is a demanding endurance sport. Training is essential if you want to perform at your best level in friendly or high-level competitions. Among the training aids that exist, home counter-current turbines are a particularly practical option.  Here are the main advantages:

Swimeo, immersion in a natural environment

One of the main advantages of the Swimeo solution for triathletes is that it replicates the conditions of swimming in a river. This is ideal when you want to train for a competition, but do not have a natural river site near your home.

What makes it possible is a 400 m3/hr output and a flow that is wide enough to swim in. With this counter-current swimming system, you can work on your breathing, direction and straight line movement at the same time. Your body will be able to get used to the specifics of the discipline and build up muscles at the same time.

Depending on the case, Swimeo is available:

  • in a built-in version for pools awaiting construction ;
  • in an outboard version for already existing pools.

un atout pour les adeptes du triathlon

Swimming against the current with Swimeo – tailor-made training

Swimeo gives all triathlon enthusiasts the opportunity to train regularly in counter-current swimming conditions from home. They can manage their training from A to Z without having to look for a similar infrastructure close to where they live.

Triathlon – a demanding discipline

Triathlon practice goes hand in hand with training sessions that are as intensive as they are regular. To help you plan backstroke sessions, you can depend on Swimeo’s mobile app. Compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, this app gives you the ability to choose:

  • the duration
  • the number of repetitions
  • the speed to adopt

That way you can plan your workouts and adjust their intensity according to your needs and the progress of your training schedule.

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Good to Know

In addition to swimming against the current in your pool, you can organise a few sessions in the great outdoors to practice swimming under real (or at least competition-like) conditions.

Becoming familiar with nature and testing your progress in natural conditions is an additional asset when it comes to participating in a triathlon.

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