Integrate Swimeo technology in your pool offer!

The A model is the technological brick common to the X and S models. It is available for pool builders wishing to add a counter-current swimming option to their offer.

Advantages of model A


We assist your technical teams to ease the integration of Swimeo in your pool models


Our engine encapsulation technology ensures increased reliability

Reduced risk of leakage

The turbine is fixed without any underwater wall crossing via 2 types of mounting brackets

Discreet and aesthetic integration

The A model is integrated from the construction of the pool in a specifically designed niche with dimensions (H) 1200 x (L) 700 x (W) 400mm.

Technical data

Flow capacity

  • A250 = 250m3/h
  • A400 = 400m3/h

Power supply

  • 230V via the power supply unit

Electrical power

  • 1100W


  • 2 waterproof remote controls
  • Androïd & iOS smartphone applications

Dimensions in mm

  • (H) 1050 x (L) 470 x (W) 350
Download the data sheet

The Swimeo model A kit

1 turbine model A + 1 power supply + 2 waterproof remote controls + 1 Bluetooth antenna

The Swimeo family

Swimeo is a range of counter-current swimming turbines for beginners and advanced swimmers. Designed and manufactured in France, you will find the model that suits your project in our catalog.

Model S

For those who want a design product and a simplified installation on an existing pool

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Model X

No wall penetration of the electrical cable and no risk of leakage

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Swimeo App 

Customize your swimming sessions by creating your own training programs.

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