For adiscreet integrationin your pool

The X model is discreetly integrated behind a stainless steel grid while offering high performance hydrodynamics.

Advantages of the model X

Discreet and design

The Swimeo Model X turbine is hidden behind one of the protective grids


motorization associated with the specific design of the diffuser grid generates a “river” flow that will please all swimmers

Guided installation

The Model X comes with a technical manual that guides you step by step through the turbine installation

No risk of leakage

The turbine and the integration frame kit can be fixed without underwater wall penetration

A discreet and aesthetic integration

The X model can be integrated into the construction of your pool in a niche designed with dimensions (H) 1200 x (L) 700 x (W) 400mm. The X model is delivered with a frame that allows to support the grid without the need to cross the wall under water.

Technical data

Flow capacity

  • 250m3/h at 50cm from the mouth
  • 300m3/h at the outlet

Power supply

  • 230V via the power supply unit

Electrical power

  • 1100W


  • 2 waterproof remote controls
  • Smartphone application Androïd & iOS

Dimension in mm

  • (H) 1200 x (L) 700 x (W) 400
Download the data sheet

Swimeo kit model X

1 turbine model A + 1 mounting frame + 1 mounting plate + 1 power supply box + 1 protection grid + 2 wireless remote controls + 1 bluetooth antenna

The Swimeo family

Swimeo is a range of counter-current swimming turbines for beginners and advanced swimmers. Designed and manufactured in France, you will find the model that suits your project in our catalog.

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