Counter-current swimming systems, your rehab allies

Swimming turbines installed in pools are often considered to be a simple recreational accessory. However, swimming pool counter-current systems can have other uses. Among them, we can note that it can be made into a tool for use during physical therapy. So, how does it work in practice?

A counter-current pool system that’s not just for swimming

Swimming turbines allow you to swim against the current in your pool. They are generally used for leisure purposes or for sports training because they can help you tone and strengthen your body. Body strengthening can become very interesting in the framework of physical therapy. Before embarking on physical rehabilitation, the people concerned have often gone through a prolonged phase of immobilisation and forced rest (in case of hospitalisation following surgery for example). The incapacity to move at will for an extended period of time usually results in a decrease in muscle mass.
Counter-current swimming on a regular basis helps to gradually re-tone the body. Exercising in the water also has other advantages. Your body feels lighter and you can move more easily than out of the water. This limits the risk of injury.

Another good thing to know is that counter-current swimming systems are also particularly suitable for a physical rehabilitation process because you can adapt the strength of the current to your needs. You can choose a gentle level when rehab begins in order to take things slowly at first and then gradually increase the power.

un atout pour les adeptes du triathlon

Rehabilitation at home in your pool is possible!

Contrary to popular belief, counter-current swimming systems are not difficult to install. There are specific devices for people who already own a pool, such as the Swimeo outboard system.

In practice, you will just have to fix the equipment on a bracket to be sealed at water level, and that’s it! The whole operation can be performed in just two hours. Once installed, the swimming turbine is quickly forgotten and it blends into the decor.

It is also easy to manage. In line with your preferences, you can control the counter-current swimming system of your pool easily, using a remote control or the dedicated mobile application.

Good to know

There is also a built-in version: the Swimeo OEM model. It is designed to be integrated during pool construction.

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Before you start counter-swimming as part of physical therapy…

Physical therapy is a highly supervised process. Before you take up swimming against the current, it is advisable to check with your doctor and physical therapist. They will be able to suggest exercises that are suited to the physical condition and capacities of the person concerned. The recommended exercises will evolve over time as progress is made.

Seeking professional advice will help you avoid mistakes. You don’t want to expose your body to any new traumas.

Do you have plans to install a swimming turbine?

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