How to install a counter-current swimming turbine?

Building or renovating a swimming pool is a project that requires good masonry skills in order to build the structure, hydraulics knowledge for the construction of the water treatment network and electrical knowledge to connect the power supply for all the pool equipment (pump, electrolysis, safety cover, heat pump and counter-current swimming turbine). 

The advantages of a counter-current swimming turbine

Swimeo has put a great deal of thought into simplifying the installation operation as much as possible and reducing the time needed. For example, installing a Swimeo S turbine to be mounted to an existing pool takes just 2 hours. This is one of the big advantages over a counter-current pump.

Learn more about the differences between a counter-current pump and a counter-current turbine

All of our turbine models come with a technical manual that will help the installer understand how to attach the turbine to the pool and how to electrically connect the turbine to your electrical system.

Step 1: How do you hang the turbine on the pool wall?

Installing the Swimeo turbine comes at the end of your construction project. The S model is particularly suitable for existing pools. For the X model, you will need to plan in advance because you will need to create a niche for the apparatus.

The Swimeo turbine is attached to a plate screwed to the stonework. There are 2 types of plate:

  • a right-angle plate which is fixed level with of the pool and on top of the liner hanging profile (also called “hung”). This system keeps the liner in position.
  • a straight mounting plate on the pool wall but above the water line. The screws go through the liner but there is no risk of leakage.

Right-angle plate

Straight plate

Step 2: How to connect the turbine electrically

As the turbine is totally immersed in the water, regulations require it to operate on low voltage (30V). To ensure the current conversion, Swimeo is delivered with a power supply box to be installed in the pool enclosure.

The turbine is delivered with a 3 metre cable (section 24mm). You will need another cable to connect the turbine to the box. The section of this cable depends on the distance between the turbine and the box:

  • 10mm² for an additional length < 5m
  • 16mm² for an additional length > 5m and < 16m
  • 20mm² for an additional length > 16m and < 20m
  • 25mm² for an additional length > 20m and < 25m

The electrical cable at the turbine outlet can pass through several places:

  • Over the ground: the cable is then guided, first in the frame and then in a stainless steel duct (delivered with the turbine) placed on the base.
  • Under ground level and above the water line: provide a PVC pipe to pass the cable through the wall and the liner
  • Under the base and below the water line: the cable passes through a broom socket (not supplied) and a cable duct that leads to a connection box (not supplied)

Recommended equipment:

  • Broom socket:
  • Connection box:

Step 3: How do I set the depth of the turbine?

The ideal operating point of Swimeo depends on the depth of immersion. We recommend that the middle of the mouth is between -85 and -120mm below the water surface.

It is important to follow this recommendation because if the turbine is too deep, the power of the water flow is not sufficient. On the contrary, if the turbine is too high on the surface of the water then the quality of the water flow is degraded (air and water mixture).The frame of the turbine is equipped with several holes allowing you to hang the turbine at different depths. The turbine must be hooked to the fixing bracket by at least 2 pins and 2 nuts.

How can maintenance be made easier?

We recommend that the junction between the turbine cable and the cable extension to the power box be in an accessible junction box. This will facilitate the extraction of the turbine during the pool wintering.

More generally, we recommend that the turbine can always be removed. Make sure that the cross-sections of the ducts or pipes are larger than the cross-section of the cable.

How to control the counter-current swimming turbine

Swimeo is delivered natively with:

  • an RF transmitter to be placed outside the shed and 2 waterproof remote controls
  • a bluetooth transmitter to place outside the shed and 1 smartphone App available in the App store and Google Play.

Connection diagram of the RF box to the electronic board Swimeo of the electrical box

Before permanently fixing the transmitters (bluetooth and RF), we recommend that you test the range. Make sure you are receiving the signal at the edge of the pool by turning the turbine on and off.