Swimming against the current

Swimming against the current is a fun form of exercise that can be practiced in any pool equipped with a counter-current swimming system. Installing a counter-current turbine allows beginners as well as experienced athletes to practice swimming.

What is counter-current swimming?

Counter-current swimming is, as the name suggests, a fun and athletic activity that involves swimming against a current generated by a pump. Swimming against the current can be compared to running on a treadmill since it involves physical activity without moving. In fact, swimming against the current allows you to get a genuine physical workout in your pool, even when you only have a small pool.

Counter-current swimming is possible with the help of a pump system that is independent from the pool pumping and filtering system. This dedicated counter-current swimming pump sucks the water from the pool and then releases it again powerfully through a nozzle. The swimmer who wants to train only has to take up a position facing the nozzle for a swim workout. The pump propels the water at a sufficiently high flow rate to allow you to swim against the current, while treading water.


Nage à contre-courant

Why install a counter-current swimming turbine?

The counter-current turbine has many benefits for pool owners:

  • it allows you to practice swimming on the spot: no need to visit an Olympic-sized public pool to do your swimming training or simply for the pleasure of swimming
  • the settings allow you to choose the flow rate to swim against the current at the speed that suits you
  • it helps relieve muscle tension and acts as a massage
  • younger users can have fun in the pool thanks to the eddies produced in the water
  • the agitation in the water is conducive to mixing the treatment products in the water and keeps the temperature of the pool uniform
  • it facilitates pool maintenance when placed in front of the skimmers (surface skimmers) by pushing the dirt towards them

Presentation of the Swimeo swimming turbine

With Swimeo, Sirem offers a range of counter-current swimming turbines.

Presentation of the Swimeo swimming turbine

●Swimeo counter-current swimming turbines offer the following benefits:
● efficient, with thrust of 250 m3/h
● comfortable, thanks to the 1 metre wide flow
● compact, just 30 or 35 cm thick depending on the version
● silent
● easy to install: no wall penetration and no maintenance

The advantages of the SWIMEO swimming turbine

Swimeo swimming turbines offer a wider flow than other counter-current solutions on the market with a 1-metre wide flow at 2 metres from the edge. Quiet, compact and efficient, Swimeo swimming turbines allow you to work on all your swim strokes (crawl, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke) from beginner to athlete level. The Swimeo range also comes with a smartphone application that allows you to control and create your own training programmes. From your smartphone, you can set the flow at your chosen speed, and also choose the duration and number of repetitions.

Two types of Swimeo swimming turbines

The Swimeo range comes in two models:
● Swimeo OEM is the built-in model for pool builders who want to integrate the counter-current swimming turbine to their project. The Swimeo OEM model is integrated behind a protective grille.
● Swimeo Outboard is the solution for customers who already have a pool. This model fits all pools and can be installed in just 1 hour. It is fixed to a bracket sealed at the water line and is perfectly hidden under the edge.

Are you interested in counter-current swimming?

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